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Hillside Estates Suites PCH

Who we are and what we can do for you and your loved one...

Hillside Estates Suites PCH is not your ordinary Personal Care Home. We offer the highest quality of care, while allowing our residents to maintain an independent lifestyle to the best of their abilities. We believe that no matter what stage of life your loved one is in, they should be able to enjoy each day as they please. Between our many facility amenities and our qualified staff, your loved one will get the most out of every day at Hillside Estates Suites. 

Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, and secure living environment. We encourage family and friends of residents to visit often and to engage in daily activities with their loved ones.


We encourage health and well being of residents by providing well balanced, home-cooked meals that meet all diet restrictions. We also strive to get residents moving to the best of their abilities by exploring our serene environments with caregivers or family members and attending our exercise classes!


The comfort of our residents is imperative to us. We work with all Home Health and Hospice agencies, allowing residents to keep the caregivers they are comfortable with while they enjoy the amenities of their new home at Hillside Estates Suites. 

Ultimately, we create a comfortable environment and offer the highest quality of care in order to create a place that makes residents  proud to say, "This is my home!" 

Beautiful Facility

Our facility is very well maintained and has a country-like feel. We provide dining, a lounge area, and more for families of residents. We offer private and semi-private rooms for residents and have a variety of common areas. 


Quality Care

Our team is equipped with a full-time certified Nurse Practitioner who works in conjunction with residents' PCP's and provides a second medical opinion without any extra cost. The rest of our staff is trained and certified accordingly in order to provide a safe environment for all residents. We also strive to do more than look over your loved ones. We provide companionship, which we have noticed to be life changing for residents. 

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