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Who We Are!

At Hillside Estates Suites PCH, we understand that the decision to move a loved one into a Personal Care Home is a life-changing event. We are here to make that decision as effortless as possible for you by providing the highest quality of care to residents and crushing the stigma behind Personal Care Homes. 


With over 25 years of experience in the Personal Care business, we have created an atmosphere that encourages independent living,  provides all of the comforts of home, provides in-house medical care from a full-time certified Nurse Practitioner, and encourages healing of the mind and body of residents with an array of needs. 

We are here to assist with the physical and emotional needs of residents and families. We offer excellence in personal care which extends to all aspects of our PCH. From our beautiful and serene country setting, to the landscaped grounds overlooking Robinson Falls, to the home-like atmosphere, everyone will feel at ease at Hillside Estates Suites.  


Meet Our Team

A unique staff of professionals including a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner and experienced caretakers  

At Hillside Estates Suites PCH, our team is the best around! We have a full-time Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner that works in conjunction with Primary Care Physicians in order to provide the highest quality of care, 24/7. This means that you are able to keep a PCP of your choice while also receiving the medical opinion of our CRNP. We will not bill your insurance for this service. The rest of our highly trained staff assists residents with day-to-day tasks that they may have trouble completing themselves.

Our team is much more than caregivers, they are companions. When you meet any member of our staff you will see that they truly care about each resident. Not only will your loved ones be taken care of, they will always have someone to talk with and to explore any of the facilities amenities with. 


Relationships That Matter


Creating lasting relationships is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the happiness of residents, and their loved ones. At Hillside Estates Suites, our nursing assistants, activities coordinator, beautician, housekeeping team, and dietary staff are fully committed to providing a safe environment.


This environment is successful not only because it keeps residents safe, but because it promotes the social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each resident. 

Our outstanding team approach works toward creating a lifestyle that emphasizes each resident's dignity and individuality. 

What Is A PCH

Explaining Personal Care & Personal Care Homes

A Personal Care Home is a home designed to help those who need assistance with physical, cognitive, or behavioral disabilities, at any level. 

Residents have the freedom to live an independent lifestyle and receive assistance only when they need it. Services PCH's most usually assist with are as follows:

  • Eating and drinking

  • Getting out of bed

  • Walking

  • Bathing & personal hygiene

  • Arranging for health care

  • Administering medications

  • Doing laundry and getting dressed

  • Using a telephone

  • Taking care of personal possessions

  • Participating in social activities

and more....

A PCH should be inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. 


The Hillside Estates Suites Difference

Hillside Estates Suites

  • Certified Nurse Practitioner as a full time staff member who works in conjunction with your Primary Care Physician and provides a second medical opinion for residents
  • Encourage independent living and mental and physical growth
  • 24/7 open communication with families of residents
  • Unique amenities available for residents and families of residents
  • Clean and comfortable living
  • Caretakers who are highly skilled and trained as well as personable and kind and offer companionship to residents
  • Numerous safety features that go above and beyond what is required by law

Other PCH's

  • Employees who provide care, but cannot provide medical advice and support. Residents must schedule an appointment with their Primary Care Physician 
  • Basic everyday needs are taken care of, but there is no room for growth
  • Scheduled appointments to speak with caretakers about family member
  • Visits with families are either in their rooms or in a public area with no privacy
  • Hospital like appearance with little comfort and nostalgia 
  • Employees to provide care, but not companionship 
  • Safety features required by law


High Priority Safety Features

As a Personal Care Home located in Pennsylvania, there are safety features that every PCH must be equipped with. At Hillside Estates Suites, we go above and beyond those requirements. The safety of our residents, their loved ones, and our employees is of utmost importance to us.

Our facility is equipped with the following:

  • Monitored fire system

  • Audible and strobe alarm system for the hearing impaired

  • Smoke detectors every 15 ft. in hallways

  • Smoke detectors in every bedroom

  • Heat sensors in furnace room, kitchen, laundry room, and mechanical rooms

  • Monitored carbon monoxide detectors in furnace room, laundry room, and kitchen

  • 6 fire SAFE zones & areas of refuge within the building

  • 7 exterior evacuation doors

  • Ground level evacuation

  • 14 fire notification pull stations

  • Fire department located 2 miles from facility

  • 2 hour rated fire doors on every bedroom

  • Monthly fire drills

  • Security system monitoring entire outside of building

  • All medication and nurses stations are monitored

  • Alarmed doors for monitoring who comes and goes from facility

  • Diesel powered emergency backup generator in the event of power loss

  • Two separate sources of heat in the event that one source would fail

All of our staff is trained and prepared to assist in any emergency situation that may arise. 

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